Prayer 4/28/18

God we are Yours, Lord!!! Use us for Your will be done!!! We are Your servants, God. We are here to serve You and only You!!! More of You and less of ourselves, Father. Help us to be what Your plans have intended us to be. We are so thankful You are able to use broken people, God. That you have plans for us that are for good and not for harm!!! May we learn to reflect You in all things we do and not just some things, God. We want to know You more!!! Grow us closer to You!!! Thank You for blessing us Father and providing not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally what it is that we need for us to line up with Your will. We believe and trust in only You Father. You are the only thing good in this world. You are all we need, and are beyond AMAZING!!! Thank You for the Holy Spirit, God. Your helper You sent for us to help us be closer to You. Thank You for Your Word!!! May You continue Your good work in us. Bless and protect our families, friends, each other and this world Father. Bless your children near and far. Help those that are lost, broken, suffering, and without hope. May they find hope in You, Father. May they turn to You God, in their time of struggle and need. You are forever faithful!!! You are Love, God!!! We love and bless You, God. In Jesus Holy name we pray, AMEN!!!