Prayer 4/29/18

God, we are so thankful for what You can do!!! Not just in our lives, but with, and through us, God. You are able to bring people together for Your glory Father, and we thank You for that. There is purpose in fellowship and companionship. You are the renewer of relationships Father. We ask for better understanding in the relationships we have with our families, friends and each other. Help us to be uplifting and speak life into them and each other. Bring us closer to You, God. Show us Your will for our lives. You are all knowing, Father and know what we struggle with and what questions we need to ask to receive the answers we need. Help us to know how to dig out what is in us to be a better person in our relationships and for Your plans for our lives. Help us to see inside of ourselves. Thank You for Your strength, endurance, insight, vision, purpose, and intent Father. Your plans are for good and not to harm. Thank You for being everything we need, God!!! You are The Most High, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!!! We praise and lift up the name of Jesus!!! Through him we are made a new creation and are cleansed from anything and everything we could ever possibly do. May we understand how important it is to not separate ourselves from You, God. Thinking we are not able to serve You. We are Your sheep, God. Use us, Father!!! We are not useless!!! You can use the least of us, Father and we thank You for that!!! We had a high price and we are priceless to You, God. Each one of us. Bless my brothers and sisters in Christ, God to understand just how priceless they are to You, Father. And to the people around them. Show them what Your love for them looks like. Pour out over them in abundance, God. Overwhelm them with Your presence!!! Bless our families, friends, Your church, and each other. Keep us close to You, God in everything we say and do!!! We don’t need to be perfect to be useful, God!!! We love and bless You, God!!! In Jesus might name, we pray, AMEN!!!