Prayer 5/17/18

Father my refuge, my shelter. Lord of my strength. I come into Your presence with a humble heart ready to hear from You today, Father. Lord we are just in awe of You and Your mysterious ways. You are above anything we can ask, think, or even imagine. Glory to God!!! You are everything we could ever need and every answer we seek this morning. Jesus, we celebrate our life that You so loving and sacrificially gifted to us. It was not in vain and we desire to be pleasing to You in the way we choose to live our life today. We are not able to change anything about yesterday and worry will not add anything to us. Worry will only take away. We cast our worries on You this morning, Father. Knowing that You are already working things out for our good. Hallelujah!!! Thank You for being a God that works in all things. Thank You for being a God that is over anything that I’m facing today, Jesus!!! Lord, we want to be the sleeper on the boat in the storm. We want to be at peace knowing that even through the toughest things we go through, You are a God in control. We may be pressed, but not to the point of death. In order for oil to be produced out of olives, it must be pressed. Thank You for producing oil out of us through the pressings and trying times we face. It is written before we call, You will answer, and while we are still speaking You hear us. Hallelujah!!! Father, You are all knowing, all seeing, and everywhere we are at any given time. Thank You, Lord!!! We do not face anything in this life alone. No matter how it may seem. Today we place in Your hands our lives. It is written that our names are written on Your hands, Lord. Your word states that we are in Your hands. No one can snatch us from our Father’s hands. Hallelujah!!! We know that the devil can not keep us from Your plans for us, Dear Lord. We reach out and grab ahold of what You have for our lives today. If You say it’s ours, then it’s ours!!! No spirit, demonic force, or adversary can stop us from reaching for what You have given us!!! In Jesus name!!! I bind up any mentality, addiction, or emotional blockage that is keeping us from Your purpose, Father!!! In Jesus Holy name!!! Today is a day of victory and celebration of life!!! The devil is a lie!!! He comes to steal, kill, and destroy!!! We rebuke the devil in Jesus name!!! We are blood bought children of God and he has no place in our lives, our families lives, and in the generations to comes from our bloodline. We speak life into our situations, each other, ourselves, and Your children around us Lord. We are strong to stand and declare what You have already done for us, are doing, and will do. It is written how you clothe the flowers of the field and they want for nothing. How much more You love Your children and will do for them. Glory to God!!! We believe and trust only in You, Jesus!!! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!!! Worthy is the God of all creation!!! You are our Shepard!!! You are the way, the truth, and the life, Jesus!!! We seek refuge in You today!!! We arm ourselves with the word of God and declare today a victory and rejoice in the Lord for the day that You have made!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father, we bless and love You!!! You deserve all the glory, honor, praise, and power forever and ever. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!! AMEN!!!