Prayer 5/18/18

Jesus, Son of God. We pray to You this morning with a tender heart. A heart that is touched by Your spirit and our salvation today, Lord God. We know that without You we were accursed to burn in hell for all eternity for our sins and transgressions, Jesus. You are the Way Making God!!! You are the one that lovingly laid Your life down and took upon Yourself our sins, my sins!!! Glory to God!!! You, the Lamb without sin became sin for Your children. Hallelujah!!! Father I pour out to You my heart today. I pray for obedience in us today, Jesus. Father Your word declares we are equipped with everything we need to do Your will, Father. We lack nothing in You, Jesus. We know that You are the only true God and we serve You in boldness and we are not ashamed. Father, I know that we keep thinking that we aren’t good enough or we aren’t what You need for us to serve out the purpose You have called us to. That we, before even trying, already accept that we are going to fail and not be successful in that purpose. Father, I know that You are a God that sees not just into today, but You see into eternity forever and ever. Father I know that You would not call us to purpose that You saw us not serving out Your desires in that purpose. Father I know that we have to fall and be broken down in order for You to rebuild us higher and stronger in You, Jesus. We have to break down our will, so that Your will can be made manifest in our lives. We wouldn’t need a healer, if we were never sick. We wouldn’t need a Savior, if we could save ourselves. We wouldn’t need a Counselor, if we had it all figured out. God, we pray today for the strength and courage to step out in faith accepting that if we fail, You have a purpose in that. That if we fall You will be there to lift us up. Hallelujah!!! Father, I pray we don’t loose fight. The good fight of faith, in You. You ask us to do things that seem obscure and difficult. But I pray today knowing that nothing is Impossible for You!!! And if You have called us to a purpose, I pray that we stand on Your truth to follow though with that purpose. I pray that we set our eyes on You and set our minds on Your way and we decide that we are going to keep at it, until we fulfill Your calling in us. Father we are not going to find the answers in anything else this world has to offer. All our answers are in You, Father God. Mighty God of Heaven and Earth!!! I pray that we believe and trust only in You!!! You are a God of purpose and intent. Nothing is by mistake. God, we pray for You to renew our mind today that we are able to see more of You. I pray that we be still and hear Your voice speak to us today, Jesus. That are hearts be open and ready to receive more of Your word today, Dear God. That we are not blinded by the things of this world that are here as distractions. We pray for healing and restoring in mind, body, and spirit today. I pray we continue to humbly serve You, Jesus. We pray to love our Lord your God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our minds. And with that love, we turn and love one another. Jesus today we are new and today we have overcome the trails of yesterday!!! We focus on today Father, and leave tomorrow for You. We bless and love You Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!