Prayer 7/11/18

God of my heart and soul. Jesus we seek You today. We surrender our weakness to You today, our frailty Father. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Hallelujah!!! Your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Glory to God!!! Father we worship You this morning. Thank You, Jesus!!! Glory, Father!!! Thank You for Your Greatness, Your Mercy, and Your Love, God. We only need You!!! Pour out over us today that we might see You more today than yesterday. We desire to walk with You more, knowing You are working things out for our good. Thank You for being more than enough. Thank You for restoring us in You, Jesus. Glory to God!!! Father we cry out this morning. Aba, Father!!! We need to hear Your voice today. Give us guidance as we walk out the difficulties of today and put yesterday behind us. Father I pray that we believe in Your plans for us. That we not doubt what You are doing in, with, and through our lives. That we pick up our cross to follow You today. God I pray that we grab ahold of You and not think that You will fail us. You are not failing!!! You have purpose in everything that happens. Hallelujah!!! We celebrate our lives today and the journey that has us here. To God be the glory!!! Father we are alive for a reason. We have something You are needing us to do. I pray that into us today. That we seek what You are asking of us and we pick up our cross to follow You. Father I pray over our minds today. That we renew our minds today in You. That we remember what our salvation cost You. We are grateful, Jesus!!! We are thankful for the life we have. Father we surrender it to You today. Father we give You our hardships today. You are a God that knows how we feel. You are a God that knows every tear that has left our eyes. You see us, God. You hear our brokenness. Father I pray for healing in our spirit today. We already know as humans, we are failing. We are going to fail each other. But You are not going to fail us, Lord. You have angles to protect us, by Your command!!! Your hand is over us today!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father give us the courage to seek You and all Your ways today. Let no stone be left unturned for what You need us to seek. Let us not hold back our tongues to confess everything to You. Let us not hold back in knocking on the door of opportunities You are giving us today God. We want what You wants for us. I rebuke our minds today that would settle for less than what You want for us. I speak light into the dark places of ourselves. That through You all things work for good to those that love and seek You, Jesus!!! What the devil meant for evil, You will use for good. Father, I pray over this house today Lord Jesus. I pray that we be made whole in You today. That the things of yesterday be put to rest as we seek You in this gifted moment of today. Father, I speak over our minds today. I pray that we have clarity in You Jesus. That we see what You are doing in, with, and through us today. I pray we look to You for answers we seek. Father, You know everything that we have been through and everything that we hold onto. I pray that we grab ahold of You today. That we know who we are in You, Christ Jesus. That what the devil has been telling us is a lie. Hallelujah!!! Father in You there is life. I pray that over this house today. That we crave You in every way. That we know You are first, over all other things. Father thank You for healing our brokenness today. For showing us the purpose in the storm. That we understands why we are here today. Father I thank You for healing this family of things that can not be seen. That no matter what, You are in control. We cast it all on You today believing and trusting only in You, Father God!!! We can not hide from You. This family isn’t hiding from You, God. We are bold and courageous for our God we serve. May every breath out of our bodies give You glory, honor, and praise Father. That praise ever be on our lips for what You have done and are continuing to do in this family. Father I break any strong holds the devil is working in today. That no addictions will hold us back from You will, Father. Your grace is more than enough. Your word says You will not temp us past our ability to resist. Addictions over money, over possessions, over pain, over not wanting more for our life, over trying to mask who we are in You. Father!!! Father, we grab on to so many things that we don’t even realize. That we have put those things above You. Father forgive us for we know not, what we do. Forgive us for settling for pain and hurt when that’s all we know. Father break that spirit in us that wants what is familiar. Breaks us to want more than that. We want what You want for this family, Father. We don’t want to be outside of Your will. We give it to You today!!! Teach us a new way. You are our Teacher, Rabbi. Show us light in the areas of ourselves that we have been comforted by darkness. Shake us into the understanding of who You are, Lord. Open the eyes of our hearts, Father. We want to see You!!! We want to feel You!!! Give us mercy today, Jesus!!! We don’t even know why we do certain things. I pray that we break generational curses today. Just because that was all we knew, doesn’t mean that all we know. Glory to God!!! Break the chains of our fleshly bloodline and we step out into a new blood line of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! There is nothing we can’t do in You, Jesus!!! I pray over this family that has been hurt, abused, broken, molested, raped, mistreated, taken for granted, left abandoned, left defenseless, beatened, bruised, left lifeless, dormant, and under estimated. Father You are a God of calling!!! You call us to a greater purpose in You, Father. I pray that into this family today. You have a higher calling than what we have known. What we have seen. What we have settled for out of life. I lift us up to You. Break us out of our old mentality, Father. Give us a new vision in what You are doing. Comfort us as we step out in faith. Believing and trusting only in You!!! Wash us in Your blood today, Jesus!!! We are made whole in You!!! Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You Jesus for new beginnings!!! For renewed mercies everyday!!! For giving life in situations we smell death!!! For the breath we have in our lungs today!! We celebrate our life and what we have has to go through and endure to be here today, Father!!! It was good that we were afflicted!!! It brought about it purpose in You, Father!!! We learn more of Your ways today!!! We pick up our cross and follow You, Jesus!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!