Prayer 7/12/18

Glorious Father of existence. Wonderfully mysterious You are, Lord. We lift high the name of Jesus today. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father there is nothing that is impossible for You!!! You are able to do beyond and above what we are capable of thinking. Glory, Father!!! Thank You for being a God in control!!! A God that is truth in every way about You, Lord!!! You are the one true God of this family!!! We serve You, Jesus!!! We surrender ourselves to You today. God I know that You are a healer. I thank You now for healing taking place in us today. Father, I know You are a provider. I thank You for providing for this family today. Father, I know You are our Counselor. I thank You now for what You are working out inside of us today. Jesus You are our Savior!!! We praise and lift You high!!! Glory to God!!! Hallelujah, Father!!! We worship You. We have a new life in You. We are not what we used to be outside of You. You are in us and we are in You. Thank You for being a personal and intimate God. You have every hair on our body numbered. Every cell in us was created by You. The very breath in our lungs is from You, Father. Thank You for our gift of life today. We celebrate our lives that everyday can bring You all the glory, honor, and praise. Father forgive us for doubting You. For thinking that You don’t work in all things. Father forgive us for being weak and allowing other things to take Your time in our day. Father we seek first the kingdom of God this morning. We pray with our hearts open, ready to receive more of You today. Father I speak light into us. I pray Your love be over us today. That we understand that nothing can separate us from Your love. That even when we feel like we are suffering alone. We aren’t. You are there, Father. Even when we don’t understand our emotions or why it looks so much easier for other people to deal with circumstances, but we struggle so much. You are working purpose out of it. Father thank You for blessing us with good health, a job, food, clothes, a place to stay, for relationships we have in people around us, and for Your plans for our lives. Father we are grateful for what You are doing for us. I pray that we see how much we have to loose operating outside of Your will for our lives. Your words says we should fear missing out on opportunities You have for our lives. For us not letting You use us for what You are wanting to bless us in. Father, You are not a God of mistakes. Help us to see how we need to work through the difficulties we face today. We grab onto Your strength for what we need to do. Jesus warm our hearts to love again. Break us down, so You can rebuild us stronger and more trusting on You. You have carried me through tunnels of darkness and dispare. Through the pits of grief, tragedy, abuse, and abandonment. You dug deep down inside me to pull me out, Lord. You stayed me with night after night of misery, of anguish, of pain and brokenness. I wanted You to let me go!!! I wanted You to fail me, like everyone else!!! I didn’t want to feel Your love. Everyone that said they loved me, hurt me. Father, I pushed You away from me. I rejected You time and time again because I didn’t deserve to feel happy, to feel loved. No one in my life made me feel like I deserved better than what I had. I was comforted in my darkness. It was all I knew and I could relate to it. Anger, pain, and torment were my companions. They didn’t change back and forth. I could rely on them to be just as they have always been for me. Father, You wanted better for me. You wanted more for me. You sought after me, over and over, and over. I cried in anger for You coming after me. I just wanted to be left to myself. I just wanted it all to end and be over. Father, You patiently kept on coming after me. Even after I kept making mistakes and going back and forth with drugs, alcohol, and abuse. How would I know what to do when someone loved me? I didn’t see that, to understand it. What I thought was love was lies. What I thought was a relationship, was dishonest. You showed me Love, Father!!! You loved me enough to stay with me when I cried. To heal up the gaping holes in my heart and in my mind. You untwisted my mind so I could learn new from what I knew. You held me tight even when I flailed around. You wouldn’t let me go, Father!!! You wouldn’t let me go!!! Thank You for believing in us for what Your purpose has. Thank You for wanting better for our lives in You!!! Thank You for breaking the chains on us!!! Thank You for giving us the strength to keep going!!! Father You have showed us what love, patience, long suffering, comfort, healing, and life are about. You have grown us into a new creation in You for the gift You have given to us. Father I prayer over us today for Your love is the greatest gift of all. Your love that gave us salvation from the old, contorted, and twisted ways of this world. Our parents were broken people. Their parents were broken people. We are broken people, Father. But in You, we are whole!!! I pray wholeness into us today Father. For all the things You are taking us through in our lives. For all the things You are working in, in our lives. For all the things that have happened to us. For all the things we have done. Your love for us has never changed. You love us now just as much as before. Your love does not change with the weather. You will never fail us in Your love, grace, and mercy for what You are, Lord Jesus. You are our Father. Our Healer, our Counselor, our Teacher, our Savior, and our Friend. It is written I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. Glory to God!!! Father You are everything we need!!! You have not given up on us!!! You are with us every single moment of everyday of our lives. I speak life over us for what You want for us. I speak into the dark areas on our mind, heart, and soul today. I pray for us to see Your love for us today, Jesus. You hung on that cross bleeding from all over Your body and You had me on Your mind and in Your heart, Lord. You were hanging there dieing for me and dieing to break me from these feelings of pain, brokenness, worthlessness, betrayal, dispare, tragedy, grief, depression, and hopelessness. Father, You have already delivered me from all of these things that are tormenting him. I pray for our minds and our hearts to accept that deliverence today, Jesus. That we see Your love in our lives and in our hearts today. You are a God of life!!! You are a God of love for Your children!!! You are proud of us for not giving up and making it this far with what we had to work with. Father, You want more for us and our life. We pick up his cross and follow You today. I pray that into us today, Father. We are Your children first and foremost over any other title or label. You are our Father!!! As our Father, You want the very best for us. I pray that we see what You have for us and not what we are willing to settle for. That we strive for bigger and better things through You, Christ Jesus!!! You are able to love us more than our parents ever could. More than any other person in our life that said they loved us. I break our definition of love today. For what we were shown or taught as love. I pray for a new revelation of love through You, Jesus be inculcated into us today. Through Your mighty power, Jesus!!! Nothing can separate us from Your love, Jesus!!! We would never be worthy of Your love. No one is worthy of Your love, Father. That’s why it’s a gift if Love. I pray we accept the gift of Your Love today. That we learn that part of You, Father. That part of You that changed my life as I knew it to be. Your word says we can only love because You first loved us. You are our first Love. Renew our minds today in You, Father. We grab hold of Your Love today, Jesus!!! We want more of You today!!! We bless and love You, Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!