Prayer 7/4/18

Father God we give You all the glory, honor, and praise Jesus. You are Jehovah Jireh our Provider. You are Jehovah Rapha our Healer. Thank You for being what we need when we need it, Father. Glory to God!!! You are our refuge. You are our strength. Hallelujah, Father!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus, we open our hearts and tear down our walls to let You in more than yesterday. We need to know You and seek Your ways. Father we trust only in You. Believing right now today that the joy of the Lord is our strength!!! We have joy knowing You are in control. Thank You, Father for restoring our joy today and giving us a clear mind in what we need to focus on today. Father, I pray today that we are hoping for more in You and hoping for more for us through You, Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Glory, Father!!! Jesus we are giving You every part of us. We hold nothing back from You. God we reach out and grab Your will for our lives and we line up with our purpose in You today, Lord Jesus. We turn in our desires and accept the one You have called us to today. We give all our ourselves for You, Lord. Keep us in Your presence. Open our ears to hear from You today. Thank You for giving us life in You!!! Thank You for giving us a heart to love. Grow us in Your love today, Father. God I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ today. I pray for them to feel closer to You today than yesterday. I pray that they continue to seek You first above all other things that is going on in their lives. Grow their spirit today, Father. Pour out over them that they may know You more. Thank You for restoring them to their place in You. Thank You for bringing them up and out of the dark places they have been hiding in. I speak life into them today, Father. I speak love into their hearts today. I speak to the things that have been tormenting their minds. I speak Your purpose into their life today. I speak to the walls that need to come down in them today, God. I speak into their lives and the generations here and those yet to come, Father. You are a God that gave us the gift of life in Your Salvation. I pray that vision into their hearts today. That they and their families, Lord Jesus see how much You love and care for them. Nothing can separate them from Your love. You are so gentle with Your children, Father. Thank You for becoming flesh Jesus. Through that process You understand how weak, frail, sensitive, and weary we are. Glory to God!!! You understand how we feel and Your word says You wept for us. Your word says You prayed for us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! You are Highest of Highs, the Holiest of Holiest, Jesus You are the Great I Am!!! Your word says when Moses went to Pharaoh to free Your people he ask You who should he say that sent me and You said “I Am, that I Am”!!! Glory to God!!! You are the God of existence and the God of redemption. Holy Father we thank You, for being patience with us and helping us to bring about a new life in You today. God we bless and love You. In Jesus Mighty name. AMEN!!!