Prayer 7/5/18

Father of Heaven and Earth. We worship You tonight God. You are the God that can cleansed the lepers and made them clean. Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! You showed Moses Your power to cleanse the leprosy to show Your power to Pharaoh to free Your people. Glory, Father!!! You parted the Red Sea for them to have a way out, God. Thank You for being a God without limitations. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah, Father!!! Jesus You are the Spotless Lamb. You are our Lord and Savior. We bless You Lord!!! We thank You, Father!!! We can not do our own will and be inside Your plans. We have to surrender our will and seek Your will for our lives. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You for having good plans for our lives above and beyond what we desire. Thank You for having a bigger vision for our lives then we could imagine. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! God we know that You are there during the storms and all along the journey we take, Jesus. Thank You for the journey, God Almighty!!! Thank You for having purpose in everything we go through. I pray for us to see the purpose in detail for what we go through. Thank You for opening our eyes today, Father!!! Thank You for bringing us closer to You!!! Thank You for our courage, strength, endurance, and long suffering today Jesus. The suffering we go through is in no comparison to what You have done for us. May it be good that we are afflicted if only to bring You all the Glory, Honor and Praise, Father!!! We pick up our cross today and following You, Jesus. Father I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus. I pray for Your will to be done in their lives. I thank You for Your hand that is over them in protection, refuge, and comfort. Glory to God!!! Thank You for the vision that they are receiving from You, Father. Thank You for their ears that are opening up to hear You. Thank You for washing their hearts and renewing their minds in You today. Thank You for not forsaking them, no matter what they has done or been through. You know what was lost Father and I pray over them with the restoring power of Jesus Christ!!! They are alive in You, Father!!! Thank You for holding them when they need You, God!!! We bless and love You, Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!