Prayer 7/9/18

Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father. We bows our heads in humility tonight, Jesus. We are beyond thankful for Your love, grace, and mercy. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we lay hands on ourselves today and renew our minds in You. Father we ask for a right spirit to be in us today as we seek answers in You, God. We need You!!! We crave more of You, Jesus!!! We open our hearts to receive You more today than yesterday. Father sometimes we think that it’s to hard for us to line up with Your will or for us to submit our will to You. Jesus, I rebuke that mentality today!!! We submit our will to You today. Nothing is greater than You!!! You are the God of Elijah that sent fire from heaven. You are the God of Moses and parted the Red Sea. You are the Father of creation. You have made anything and everything. Glory to God!!! There is nothing You don’t know in the past, present, or future. Thank You for being the same yesterday, today, and forever. Worthy, Jesus!!! Father we cry out to You knowing You hear the cries of Your children. You are the God of David that loved You because when no one was around or even cared, You heard his cries, Father. You hear our cries!!! He wrote “I love the Lord, for He heard my voice;
He heard my cry for mercy.” Thank You, Father!!! You are not deaf!!! You are not blind!!! You see everything inside of us and in our lives. You can tell if we are faking it. You know when we hold back from You. I pray the spirit of conviction on us today. That we not hold back or cheat You out of glory God. That everything we do in our lives is for Your glory, honor, and praise. God I lift up my brothers and sisters in Christ and this family up to You. Believing and trusting only in You and Your abilities to do all things and work in all things, God. You are beyond amazing and wonderful!!! Jesus!!! Father we know that You are his God. We know deep down in our very core, that we couldn’t get away from You. You sent people after us to keep us on the path that lead us to You, Jesus. Father I know that we desire to be closer to You. We see You in people around us. We want to hear Your voice today, Father. Touch us in a way only You can. You are our Father first and foremost over everyone else. You are a jealous God and You want our hearts. You don’t want part of it, You want all of it!!! Father I pray over us today that we let go of things in our lives we can’t change. We let go of decisions we made that weren’t helping us to line up with Your will for our lives. Father, I know that You use all things. But doubt in You and Your abilities are not one of them. Father I pray over us with a clean heart that all our doubts in You be removed tonight in Jesus mighty name!!! That anything in our minds that is speaking negativity be casted out, in Jesus name!!! I pray for a new life to be upon us today. That we open our eyes and sees another opportunities to give You glory, honor, and praise. In every thought, deed, and action of our lives. Hallelujah!!! Father I pray that we guard our heart and not let the enemy push us around as if we don’t matter. Father I pray that we see our life the way You see it. That we see Your love in our inperfections and insecurities. That we fight the good fight of faith and not let our ears be open to just anyone. That we seek Godly counsel in things You are trying to show us. Father, I pray that we never be the same person we were before. That we continue to grow in You Jesus, and know You more. Glory to God!!! I pray for clarity over our minds. The devil is a liar and he has come to take away from this family. Father, You are in control. You will restore what was lost, taken, and abandoned. I pray for our minds to return to us tonight. That we see a new life in You and walk it out believing and trusting only in You. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! You have made us the head and not the tail. Above and not beneath. Glory, Father!!! We have everything in You Jesus!!! Everything we need!!! Thank You for not leaving us a shell of ourselves. Thank You for pouring into this family tonight, Father. I lift up this family to You, Father!!! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!!! Worthy, Lord!!! Worthy!!! You have us in the palm of Your hands and no one can take us away from You or us be separated from Your love!!! Father I speak that over us today!!! I speak life into this family, generations here, and generations to come. Father we cast everything on You. We are Yours, Father!!! Use us, mold us, prune us, break us, do what Your will requires. We turn our lives over to You, Jesus!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!