Prayer 7/8/18

Father of heaven and Earth. We open our hearts to You this morning. Pouring out all the glory, honor, and praise for what You have done in our lives, Jesus!!! We worship You this morning. Hallelujah!!! Glory, Father!!! Worthy, Jesus!!! Lord, we renew our minds this morning. Taking more of Your greatness into our hearts. We open our mouths and give You the glory, Father. Your words says let anything with breath praise the Lord. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah, Father!!! We need You God!!! We need Your guidance, Your counsel, Your teaching, and Your Word Jesus. Thank You!!! Thank You!!! We seek You this morning. We wait to hear Your voice speak to us today. Father You are a God of impeccable timing!!! We know that has purpose and intent. We turn our time over to You, Father as we wait on Your timing. Lord, Jesus we call upon Your name. Believing and trusting only in You. That every strong hold be loosed today and life be so joyful in Your peace and Your Love today. We cast all our cares on You today, Father. We pick up our cross to follow You. Glory to God!!! Jesus, we thank You for the new creation we are in You. Grow us in Your grace, love, mercy, and joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength!!! We guard our hearts this morning. We push anything that is in there out and leave only You, Father. It is written for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. Hallelujah!!! Father our hearts are loyal to You!!! We give them to You today. Nothing should be more prevalent in us than You. We take back control over our hearts, our emotions, our minds, our life, our plans, and our visions. Father we give all of it to You. It is written we can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. We don’t want to make our plans outside of You, Father. Or operate outside of Your purpose for our lives. Glory to God!!! Father, we only want what You have for us. We don’t want anything that is not what You want for us. Your plans are to prosper and not to harm. They are more than what we think or feel we deserve. Thank You for being a good Father and taking care of Your called children, Lord. God of the universe. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ today. Knowing that You are already working things in them for Your good, Father. Knowing that they are being changed and formed into the person You are calling out of them. God I pray for their minds to always be in You. That they seek You in the storms of indecisiveness. That they are able to see clearly what You are needing them to see. That they lean on Your understandings and not their own. Hallelujah!!! Father, thank You for opening up their eyes to see You in everything today. Thank You for giving them a new life in You today. Glory to God!!! Father continue to walk with them and show them Your ways which are above our ways. Restore in them what was lost and taken from them that serves Your purpose, Father. Remove anything in them that is not of You. You are God of restoration and life. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You for loving us even when we fall down. Thank You for picking us up and setting us in Your house, Father. You have a place for us at Your table. Glory to God!!! Jesus!!! We deserved death, but You gave us life. We celebrate that life today!!! We are here to bring You all the glory, honor, and praise!!! May every thought, deed, and action line up with that purpose and line up with Your will, Father. We bless and love You. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!