Prayer 8/4/18

Father of all creation and existence. We worship You today, Father. We are in awe of You and Your abilities. Glory to God!!! God, we seek You first above all other things we desire for our family today. Thank You, Jesus!!! We praise You for always being what we need and being enough for us to endure all things through Christ our Savior. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we surrender our will to You today. We want what You want for us. We know that as our Father You want the very best for us. More than what we want for ourselves. Glory, Father!!! We know that You take care of Your children. Father I pray that we fulfill what You have for us today. That we stop fighting against what You are doing in us today. We let You in, Jesus!!! We want You to be in every part of us. For any area of us that we are not letting You in. I pray that we let You break us open. That Your purpose would spill out of us and shine in the world for Your glory. Jesus!!! We know that Your love is so valuable that we can not comprehend it. But we accept it, Father. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ today, Jesus. I pray that no matter where they are right now that You continue to grow them closer to You. That they learn Your ways and Your plans for their lives today. That they understand You are a Good Father and Your plans are not to harm them, but to prosper them in all areas of their lives. Father I pray over this family today. That we will be still and listen to what You are requiring of us. You have called us to certain tasks in our lives. If we don’t do what you ask us to do, then those good works don’t get fulfilled through us. Father, I rebuke us for thinking outside of Your will for our lives. I know that You have equipped us with everything we need to do what You are asking of us today. We pick up our cross and follow You. We submit our will over to You today. We bless and love You, Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!