Prayer 8/7/18

God of all existence we breath Your life today Jesus. We are alive in You, Father. You give us so much and we are grateful today for what You have given us. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our souls, and Your purpose in us. Father we praise Your Holy name, Jesus we worship You. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory, Father!!! It’s You that we seek today. We submit ourselves to You knowing You will keep us. Knowing You will watch over and protect us. You are never away from us. Your intimacy and love are unlike any other. It’s incomparable in every way we can think, see, or understand. Jesus, Lord, Father!!! Thank You for having my name written on You. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit in me. Thank You for not letting me be snatched out of Your hand. Father!!! I need You!!! I need You more than anything else in this world and in my life!!! You are unique, absolute and irreplaceable, Father!!! You are not a garment to be worn for fragments of time. You are the very breath of life in us. Glory to God!!! We have You apart of us no matter what we look like. No matter what we do. No matter where we go, there You are also. There is no place in this universe that I am able to separate myself from You. Hallelujah, Father!!! Hallelujah!!! Your word says nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ!!! Glory, Father!!! How I can be something You care about that much, I don’t understand. I’m just a broken vessel that has the scars of life on me. Parts that were lost along the way and pieces that have come separated and are unmendable. But You, Father can work in me still!!! But You Father, can pull me back into You and create me a new life, make me a new creation in You. I lack nothing in You, Father!!! Glory, Jesus!!! Holiest of Holies!!! My flesh in not who I am!!! I am who You have called me to be in You. Open us up today that we may be filled with Your grace, mercy, love, and devotion. You seek those that You have called. You come after those that have fallen. Hallelujah!!! My heart bleeds for You, Lord!!! Break me for what breaks You!!! I surrender this life of accomplishments and glamour!!! It means nothing if I’m outside of Your will, Father. I want only what You have for me and this family!!! I give You the battle today, Lord. We don’t fight against carnal things. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Glory, Father!!! We have the power to bring every thought under obedience of You!!! Father I pray over this family, my brother and sisters in Christ. I pray for a renewed vision of You in us today. That we not hold back from You what You want from us. You have not made a single mistake when it came to us and our lives. I pray that into our hearts today. Nothing You do is out of Your control. If we see ourselves as Your children that are holding onto You, then we would stop thinking we were strong enough or able enough to be away from You. I rebuke that mentality today. We are leaning on You. We hold fast to You. Nothing can separate us from Your, Love. There isn’t a thought, deed, or action that could change Your calling on us today. Father I pray with my heart open to receive You more that You are already bringing things into alignment today. All things work for our good. You will extinguish darkness with Your light. But if we are in a dark place today, Father. I pray we seek You still. That we allow You to show us what we need to see to grow closer to You. We grow in the dark places, Father. We need both light and dark, both moon and sun. Balanced and purposed in Your will on us today. We give it all to You today, Jesus!!! We hold nothing back!!! Have Your way with us today, Father!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!