My Dream

When I lay down to sleep at night, with thoughts of you, being by my side

Your warm body close to mine, a total loss, of that fear called time

How could time ever be enough, when you Boo, are my dove

A symbol of love and peace, something pure, that puts my heart at ease

Where troubles melt away, and all that’s left, is a bright sunny day

Rays of sunshine to break through the clouds, and laughter being heard, from all around

Do dreams really come true? They must, cause God sent me you

Within you is a piece of my soul, the other part, that makes a whole

God’s plan for a man to not be alone, He created another, for a hand to hold

One with beauty and intricate craftsmanship, tall with glasses, and slender with hips

God does not make mistakes, He is purposeful, and beyond Great

He sent you for me to love, My Gift you are, from God above

Glory Father!!! You are so good, You even made sure, he was a little hood

A fighter first and a forever lover, if you look, he’s even a hero undercover

He doesn’t have to be a perfect, because that doesn’t exist, he just has to be mine, and I do insist

No one will ever be able to take me away from you, it’s a bond stronger, than the strongest glue

God You hear Your daughter make a statement, of true love, with full hearts content

Father You gave me hopes and dreams to come, I thank You, for bringing me your son

The thought You put into making him for me, he is irreplaceable, and holds love so deep

I’m honored to be the one to love him, I’ll hold him close, and share strength within

I’ll not hold back on giving my all,
You didn’t make me that way, I’m different than them all

Your Spirit inside will guide me through, I don’t believe in myself God, I believe in You!!!

Through Your love You showed me how, how perfect You are Father, as I take a bow

May Your Glory come Father through this man, as he lives his life, and takes a stand

To be who You have called him to be, and I’ll pray for him Father, on my knees

For today is a special blessing, may we always remember, Your Love that’s sacrificing

When we see the cross, may we see Your love, and the Spirit that descended on Jesus, like a dove

For dreams will come and some will go, but You My Savior, are not like snow

Something that is just here for a season, You are the Everlasting King, and You are Risen!!!

Jesus we honor You and lift You high, You are our Lord and Savior, that ascended to the sky

Alive You are and so are we, Your gift you gave, of life everlasting

With every moment we hold our hearts, we will remember Your Love, a Love that never parts

Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ, Jesus You paid, the ultimate price

We bow our heads in respect of You, Jesus thank You, for wearing our shoe

You came down as one of us, to learn of humans, and share Your Love

To know our lives and all that’s happened, You held us close, never left us abandoned

God I pray today for us to walk with You, and never forget, You made us new

You know our hearts and touched our souls, we bless You Jesus, and open our molds

Molds of clay we are for You, Your breath in us, and Spirit too

We need more of You today, God I thank You, as I pray

Your love surpasses that of another, You are first Father, over any other

Standing strong in one accord, as I say amen, We bless and love You Lord