Forever Changed

Beyond a friend to hold so dear,
And I pray for you, to always be near

How you just popped into my life,
I wouldn’t think, of ever being your wife

You’re constantly on my mind,
And people like you, are hard to find

Every moment of every day,
And especially for you, when I pray

You’re the most amazing man,
I want to know, help guide me, so I can grow

Into a better person I hope to be,
and one to be on, your family tree

For a life you’re meant to enjoy,
and one that may bring you, a baby boy

New life and memories are close,
a new beginning, you’ll love the most

A family to have and to hold,
in the stars, forever kept, and never sold

Bonded by the will of God,
may He always be with you, even abroad

Your voice is like an angel’s trumpet Sweet, rich, and oh, so scrumptious

Your wit and your charm,
Has by far, surpassed the norm

Forever changed I am,
From now on, Not thinking for a moment,
It started with a yawn

Brand new day,
What a beautiful blessing,
My Love, My Prince you are my heart’s ring

A ring to have and to hold
But, My Love
I want to grow old

Not just wrinkly and gray
But, My Love
I want it this way

Love, Laugher, and Family
You, My Prince
Are my one and only

Defending, Protecting, and Respecting
You, My Prince
Are the one directing

I love you dearly, I really do
One day My Love, I’ll be with you

In my heart, and in my prayers
Blessed be you, from our precious Savior