Prayer 9/1/18

Father we come to You with an open heart and ready to serve You today. Father, we lift high the name of Jesus this morning. Hallelujah!!! Glory, Jesus!!! Worthy You are!!! Miraculous You are!!! Healing You are!!! Father we break out of ourselves today. We are not what we do, that doesn’t give us our identity. Just because we have titles and positions here on Earth does not make us who we are in You. Father I break that thinking in this family today. Today is a day of change in us. Old things have passed away and we claim the new life we have in You. We are not what has happened to us either. We separate our carnal minds from our spiritual minds. Our spirits are what we have that is just housed in our body. I pray for spiritual health and awaking over this family today. That when we open our eyes today that we see life in a entirely different way, Jesus. You came that we might have life and life more abundantly. A life that has fulfilment, purpose, and bigger purpose that what we are trying to get out of this world. It’s bigger than our jobs, our money, our homes, or material possessions. We don’t need to be going after things that are failing, Lord. We change that frame and go after You. For You are the only one we need and the only thing that will never fail us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We grab ahold of our promises in You today. You have never left us or forsaken us. Everything we face You have already taken us through in victory. We take a step today believing that. We step out today trusting You. We break open our hearts to allow You to change us. I break us for being redundant, for being the same, there is change in You. There is restoration in You, Jesus!!! What the devil took away You will restore it unto us. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You for restoration in You!!! Thank You for wholeness and wellness we have in You. You are everything we need. Your word says man can not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Father I pray that into us today that he stand on Your truth and Your life today. You are the only way we need to go. We have identity in You and not in the things we have done on a day to day basis. We seek You first, Lord. Above all other things we want, need, or desire. I pray that our reflection is reveal to us. We are a reflection of You God. You created us in Your likeness. Your word says we are wonderfully and fearfully made!!! We are Your handy work, Father. We were not a mistake and our lives leading up to today was not in vain. You had to break us down in order to build us back up in You. Our place is not in a person, our identity is not in a person, our emotional health, and physical health is not in a person, Lord Jesus. It’s only found in You!!! We only have life in You!!! Outside of You we are to be gather up and burned. We are useless. There is nothing good in us without You. You word says we can literally do nothing. Father I pray with a clean heart to Love us that we seek our place in You today. That we release hate, anger, pride, unforgivingness, hurt, pain, unloving, undeserving, worthlessness, insignificance, and that we are only what he put our hands to. In Jesus Mighty name!!! We are a blood bought son of the Most High God!!! We have a place in Your Kingdom in our walk with You!!! You have called us to greatness in You!!! We are more than our body and our actions. Father I pray that we renew our mind in You today as You reveal more to us. We ask Father, knowing that You will answer us. We have peace in You, Jesus!!! We have rest in You, Jesus!!! We have life in You, Jesus!!! We are blessed!!! We are loved!!! We are forgiven!!! We are free and free indeed!!! The devil is a lie and has no place in our mind to manipulate our thinking any more!!! We are taking back control over our life today!!! We will not allow people to break our focus on You. Your word says to keep our eyes fixed on You, Father. People around us have been pulling us away from You. I pray for strength, boldness, and courage in You, to be implanted in us today. We see the warrior that is there, Jesus!!! The fighter that is ready, able, and willing for You, Lord. We are not a victim, we are victorious in You!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Jesus, we have victory in You today!!! We shake off the old and take on the new. We are no longer slaves to fear. We are children of God!!! Father we worship the miraculous God You are today!!! Hallelujah, Father!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Your strength is made perfect in our weakness!!! We bless and love You, Father. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!