Prayer 9/24/18

Lord Jesus we eagerly come into Your presence as we long to walk with You more and more. And learn of You and Your life inside of us, Father. Jesus we lift You high!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Praise Your Holy Name!!! The name above all other names, Jesus!!! We humble in Your presence. We surrender our will in Your presence. We hand over our lives that we are so selfishly holding onto. We believe that our life is our own, it’s not!!! Our lives belong to You, Jesus. Our being is no longer a possession of our own. When we made the choice of a new life in You, we turned our dead self in sin and trespasses over to You. That we would be born into an everlasting life through You, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father, forgive us for what we don’t know that we are doing. For things we think we are doing right and all the while we are cheating You out of the life that is Yours. The mouth, hands, feet, mind, heart, spirit, words, actions, deed, and desires. They all need to line up with You Jesus, for us to be effective. Glory to God!!! Effectiveness isn’t going to work, paying bills, and tending to our family. It’s bigger than what we see, think, and feel. Your ways are above our ways, Lord. Your above anything we could ask, think, or even imagine. Praise be to God!!! Our family is a blessing, but You could take all of them away and then what? What would we have Lord? We can not trade flesh for spirit. We will not trade flesh for spirit, Father!!! You are a jealous God!!! If we put our family above You, You will take it away from us. If we put our job before You, You will take it away from us. If we put money before You, You will take it away from us. Until we come to the realization that what we have is given by You. It was never ours. It was always Yours. Our mother’s, father’s, sister’s, brother’s, son’s and daughter’s. They are all Yours. Your word says You knew us before we we’re stitched in our mother’s womb. Glory to God!!! We have purpose outside of that, in relationship with You. Jesus, we pray for a revelation in us today. That we stop thinking in our carnal mind and start walking and being guided with our spiritual minds. You have us here so that we can bring glory, honor, and praise to You and bring about Your will, purpose, and intent for our lives. Jesus!!! We have a position to play in Your House, Your Body, Father. We are to be working in the Kingdom, seeking the Kingdom, and believing in the Kingdom. Your word says seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added to us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We have souls that haven’t heard about You. We have people that need Your light of Christ in us. We have the healing, resurrecting, and restoring power of Jesus Christ in us right now!!! Glory, Father!!! Jesus, Lord!!! There are people that need Your healing through us. There are hearts that need to have hope restored in You. There are children out there that need the love of Jesus Christ to be upon them. Father, make us Your hands and feet. That we will be about our Father’s business. That we will share Your love with nation’s and people beyond our comprehension because it be Your will and not our own. Father You are calling us each one by our own accord and bringing us into another level with You. We stop thinking with our flesh and break open a level of spiritual awaking in us today. We can not waste another day thinking we have time to waste on bringing about Your purpose and will for our lives. There are blessings in these generations to come from what we will do for You in our work in the Kingdom. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! What we don’t do for Your will, Father is lost. You have called us each with a unique purpose and if we turn our backs on it, we loose. Not just in blessings, but in bringing people to the Kingdom of God. We cheat You out of glory, Jesus. We will make a stand today, that will not be this family, Jesus!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! Father, You know us better than we could ever know ourselves. That there are not limits to what You are able to do for us and this family, Father. Jesus!!! Father, I boldly come professing to You that today will be the last day that we wait to bring about Your will for our lives. We come into agreement today, that Your will is better than our will and we surrender all to You. Jesus, I pray for our spiritual eyes to be opened and see what You are trying to do for us. We think that we have to do more to provide for this family, but that isn’t all there is. You have been calling us to seek You. You have been calling us to bring about a supernatural movement in us for Your glory, Father. God I lift us up to You knowing You have been changing our hearts and breaking things down inside of us to rebuild us in You, Jesus. Time is just but a wisp of wind that blows. It is here but for a moment, then it’s gone. We don’t have the time to waste trying to figure it out on our own. Father we need counsel, guidance, direction, provisions, and a vision. Father I pray a vision for Your Kingdom manifest into existence today through us. That we have no doubt in our mind that it’s Your vision. Father, I pray that we step out in faith in what You are doing in us and we stop fighting You to get into parts of us that are uncomfortable with. Father, You have to get into every area of us. Anything that we are holding onto that is not of You, can not stay in Jesus Mighty name!!! It needs to break today!!! I pray we let You in right now, Father!!! We have to let You in. There is no other choice. You have to be number one in our lives and not be the leftovers at the end of the day. That is not how Your design works, Father. It’s You above all other things!!! Money isn’t everything!!! Life in You is, Lord!!! Father, I pray a change over our minds tonight that we never be the same again for what You are doing in, with, and through our life. Father, I pray for us to understand what our salvation really means. We are not just free, but FREE INDEED!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Nothing can bind us up!!! We are a blood bought child of the Most High God!!! We have royal blood in us, Jesus!!! We have a new family in You!!! Father I call us out today!!! Out of the darkness and into the light!!! This is the last day that we will retreat back into ourselves and pretend that everything just needs to go on just like it has for all these years. We are Your priceless children that Jesus died for!!! When Jesus was hanging on that cross He was thinking of each one of us in a connected and personal way!!! He thought of how He made us and how we are different on purpose. That we weren’t supposed to fit in because You had a calling on us that was greater than anything else we we’re going through in this life. If we fit in, we would never see what You are trying to get us to see now. Father, You are a God that is more than able to do all things. Open us up today, Lord Jesus!!! Gracefully break us to be closer to understandings You!!! Give us a fresh anointing right now!!! You are calling us to Greatness in You!!! We are not alone!!! We were never alone!!! All the days we thought no one cared, no one loved us, how it was tiring to care because people around us we’re so cruel and selfish. But, You gave us a giving heart, a generous heart, a serving heart. Father God, You gave us a spirit to see good in bad situations. To look past what had happened and to keep looking ahead. We just got tired, Father. It’s hard to keep hoping for something You gave up on a long time ago. But today is a new day!!! Glory to God!!! Today holds the promises of God!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! I pray hope into our souls today!!! God isn’t done with us!!! God has more for us!!! What you have known is not Your purpose in life. You are not where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what you’ve been through!!! Glory, Father!!! Jesus, Lord Almighty!!! I break the bondage that has been tying up our words, our voices, our hands, and our feet to be bout Your business, Father. The power of life and death is in our tongues!!! We can speak out things into existence with our words. What we says does matter!!! What we feels does matter!!! Father comfort us in our silence. Give us peace in You, Lord. You are going to work everything out for our good. You work in all things. Nothing we endured was in vain!!! You are going to use all of it to mold us into a great and powerful children of God!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! I rebuke any fear that is trying to speak to us in doubt for what You are doing in us. In Jesus name!!! You do not work in doubt, Lord. You work in faith!!! Your word says it is Impossible to please You without faith. Jesus!!! We have faith!!! This family has faith!!! We are what You have called us to be!!! We have been before the foundations of the world!!! We were already called and the blessing we have are ours!!! We possess that for this family, Lord!!! We manifest it into our lives today, Father!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Father!!! Thank You!!! We will never be the same!!! Forever changed we are in You!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!