Prayer 9/25/18

Miraculous God of eternity. We marvel at Your greatness, Lord. We are intrigued by Your wisdom and infinite knowledge. Glory to God!!! Father we lift high the name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We thank You, Jesus for Your love, grace, and mercy today. We line up with Your will today, Glory Father!!! We worship You for being more than anything we could ever know. You are the God, above all other things. We serve a good God, a generous God, a loving God, a convicting God, and a visionary God. Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We break ourselves open to receive more of You today. We press onward to come into another level with You. We will not hold back from a God that didn’t hold anything back from us. Hallelujah!!! We submit our will over to You, Lord. We pick up our cross to follow You. There is nothing good in us without You. We need You, Father!!! We are not able to do it without You!!! We seek You first above everything else. We stop trying to do Your job and just step back to step out beliveing and trusting only in You. We speak light over the generations here and those to come. We accept Your will for our lives. We accept the promises of God You have for us Jesus. Father I pray for us tonight Lord. As Your children, You are guiding us, encouraging us, mentoring us, teaching us, growing us, loving us, and convicting us. You are bringing us into a new level with You and we celebrate the day of new beginnings in You, Father. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Old things have passed away and we step into a life that makes us a new creation in You. Glory to God!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We are made new!!! Today is a new day with renewed mercies for You to manifest Your will in our lives!!! No one can do what You have called us to do!!! We are the only ones that can bring about the purpose You have on us and Your will for our lives. Jesus!!! There is no substitute to us. There is no other one that can do what You have called us to do. Jesus, I pray that revelation into us. We are the only one that has our calling. Period!!! The end!!! If we don’t do Your will for us, it won’t happen. You will not call us to fail, Father!!! Your word says You will provide what we don’t have in order for Your will to be done. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! You will provide everything we need. I thank You for our life today, Father. Glory, Father!!! We are everything we need to be right now. I pray for a renewing of our minds in You. That we seek answers in You, Jesus. You are every answer and everyway we need to go. We will be obedient to You and this family will bring You all the glory, honor, and praise!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You, Lord!!! One step at a time, Father. One day at a time. Today we are closer than yesterday and we celebrate our victories and celebrate our life in You Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Father!!! Thank You for a new life in You!!! Thanks You for this family, Lord Jesus!!! We bless and love You. In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!