Prayer 9/26/18

God of Earthen vessels. We call upon Your name tonight, Jesus. We believe and trust only in You. Glory to God!!! Father we know that our carnal minds want to limit what we can do in Christ. But, You have given us the power to break that mentality over us and our will. Hallelujah!!! Jesus, we break that mentality thinking that we are able to bring about Your will in, with, and through our lives today. We step out of our carnality and walk in our spirituality today. We can do all things through Christ our strength!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We do not limit the powerful God we serve, Jesus!!! We do not limit the Way Making God that can and will for Your children that You love and provide for. You will provide everything we could ever need, Lord Jesus!!! We will not doubt You or Your power in us. Glory!!! We have the resurrection power of Christ in us, that’s alive!!! Jesus!!! Your Spirit in us is able to intercede for us and pray for what we need. Father, we come to You with an open heart and a willing spirit to come into agreement with You and what You are doing in our lives!!! Hallelujah!!! We want what You want for us. Because it is better than anything we could want for ourselves. We will settle for things that we think we deserve. But You want the very best for Your children and You have more for us that we don’t even have room to receive the blessing You will pour out for us. Glory, Father!!! Holy Lamb of God!!! We accept Your gifts, callings, and blessings over this family, Lord Jesus!!! We surrender our will today over to You. We pick up our cross to follow You and seek Your ways. Jesus, I pray for this family today. I pray for restoration in our mind, body, soul, and spirit. We are healed!!! We are whole!!! We are delivered!!! We are forgiven!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You for giving us a new life in You. Father You know everything about us. You know things that we don’t even know about us. Father I pray for our eyes to be opened to a self revelation of who we are in You. That what You have placed in us before the Earth was even created is still in us. Jesus!!! You have called us before the Earth was formed. I speak life into us today. I speak light in all areas of us so we might be able to see more of You and remove anything in us that is not working for the will of God. In Jesus Mighty name!!! We seek You first, Jesus!!! You are the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to the Father without going through You first. Holy!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! You have already provided a way out, God. For anything that we are needing a way out for. We are strong, courageous, brave, protective, loving, caring, thoughtful, honest, humble, valiant, trust worthy, resourceful, dedicated, intelligent, and Your child. Your children above all other things that we are. As our Father, You will take us through the trials of life so that we can grow and learn a new way in You. The suffering was not a mistake. You are not a God of mistakes. You have been showing us what we need to see in order to learn, grow, and shape into the purpose You are calling out of us. Hallelujah!!! God I pray for a vision to manifest in our minds today. That the way we see ourselves be renewed with a different level of understanding. I pray that when we look at ourselves we see past the carnal body, and look deeper into us and see our Spirit Man. The person inside that hasn’t shown face. The hidden part inside of us that was smothered out by life, pain and turmoil of circumstances. I manifest for us to come out, in Jesus Mighty name!!! We deserve to be heard and understood!!! Glory to God!!! It’s no longer a time to hide and take shelter. It’s time to step out in boldness and sure footedness in who God is calling us to be. You are not what was done to you!!! You are not where you’ve been!!! You are not what you’ve done!!! You are loved!!! You are valued!!! You do matter!!! Your life matters!!! Your feelings matter!!! Your dreams matter!!! Your desires matter!!! Your health matters!!! You are PRICELESS!!! There is no other that is like you!!! Ever!!! In the existence of the world, there is not another you!!! God made you unique, talented, and in His own imagine. His own likeness!!! I pray for you to see God in You!!! The new life of Christ in You!!! Old things have passed away. They have died!!! With that died unforgivingness, bitterness, guilt, shame, regrets, unanswered questions, and remorse. Step out into the new life God has prepared for You!!! Celebrate the life that He has blessed you with!!! He isn’t done with you. This is only the beginning of a new life!!! Thank You Lord!!! Thank You, Father!!! We worhsip You in Your mysterious ways You have!!! We lean on Your understanding and not our own!!! We bless and love You, Lord. I. Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!