Prayer 10/3/18

Lord of the heavens and Savior of Your children. We humble ourselves in Your presence, Jesus. We trade in our lives for Yours life in us today. We longer want our own desires. We want Your will to manifest in our lives today. Glory, Father!!! We pick up our cross to follow You. Lord You are a God that is so much bigger than where our minds are even capable of even understanding. We break ourselves open that we have more room for you, Dear God. Father we pray that our carnal minds not be in charge of our walk with You. We have to break away from thinking in our carnal minds and open up our spiritual eyes and mind and lean on Your understandings and not our own. Believing and trusting only in You and what You are able to do in, with, and through our lives for Your glory to shine through us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus!!! We claim the promises of God today!!! We claim and speak healing over this family, Father!!! We have faith in You and Your abilities, not our own. Your word says we can do nothing apart from You. Thank You for not forgetting us, Jesus and having our names written on Your hands. Holy!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! Jesus, we need You!!! We need to be close to You. We pray for alignment with You today. Father thank You that we are more than conquers and through Christ Jesus all things are possible. Glory to God!!! Father, we don’t think for one moment that You are not able to keep us in hard times, in trying times, in desperate times, in painful times, and in the valleys of our lives. Jesus, You are always there with us. There was never a single particle of a moment that You were away from us. Jesus!!! You are an omnipotent God. That is everywhere at the same time!!! Glory, Father!!! Thank You for Your Word that helps us to see where we should go. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that helps us every step of the way. Father, thank You for this family tonight Lord. The gift of life is so amazing and for us to have that gift is priceless!!! Thank You for our heart, our mind, our compassion, our strength, our endurance, our courage, our encouragement, our positivity, our relentless pursuit of better for our lives and for this family. I thank You for our love, our gentleness, our humor, our adventurous tendencies, our skills, our intelligence, and our ability to adapt and grow into the best version of ourselves today, Father. Glory, to God!!! Father You are perfect in everyway there is!!! We thank You for being a God that work in a supernatural way. You are able to line things up and open up doors we didn’t know could ever open. Not just within ourselves but in our lives. Worthy, You are Lord!!! Thank You for being more than enough and all that we could ever possibly need. If we have You, Jesus!!! We lack nothing!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We bless and love You, Father. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!