Prayer 10/4/18

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we give ourselves away so You can use us, Father. We are not our own. We are Yours and we were brought at a price so that we could have a new life in You, Jesus. Glory, Father!!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! Holy is the Lamb!!! Jesus we praise and lift high Your name today. Hallelujah!!! There is nothing we want that is not what You would have for us. We thank You for the Impossiblities You work out in us and in what we have gone through. Father we are not where we came from, we are not what we have done, and we are not what’s happened to us. Jesus!!! The devil is a lie!!! Father in Jesus name we bring forth Your light in us to shine so that all can see Your glory. We rebuke the thoughts of failure and inadequacy. The feelings of depressing, fear, and unresolved emotions. We wash ourselves in Your blood, Jesus. That is not what You have given to us and we will speak against every thought and feeling and bring it under the obedience of Christ our Lord. Glory to God!!! We have peace, joy, self control, long suffering, loyalty, honesty, and most of all love. We have love, Jesus!!! Because You first loved us. Hallelujah!!! Manifest that in us today Jesus!!! Break us out of our old ways of knowing love from other people and pour out over us Your grace, mercy, love, and hope in You. Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We need You!!! We are not alone in what You are calling us to. You are always with us. Father, we put our trust in You knowing that You are unfailing and never changing. You don’t flip on us from one minute to the next like people we have around us. You are consistent and true to what You have given us in Your Word what You have gifted in us, and what You are calling us to. Father I pray over this family today Jesus. Knowing that You know our thoughts and hearts desires before we can even speak it to You. You know every part of us that is broken and frail. You feel how we feel Jesus. You know what it was like to be human and You walked among us. Emmanuel!!! Father You will keep us no matter where we go. There is no place we can run far enough or deep enough or wide enough that Your love can’t reach us. Glory, God!!! Glory!!! You alone are worthy of all the glory, honor and praise Jesus!!! Father I pray for Your children. I pray that we realize not who everyone around us expects us to be or what we were told we were growing up. I pray that we know who we are in You, Jesus. That we see ourselves through Your eyes and begin to heal from the inside out. That we continue to accept the restoration process You have started in us. Jesus, I pray that we value ourselves, our feelings, our desires, and our life in You. That the realization of time is but a moment and then it’s gone. There isn’t years and years to try and get it together. We have to be seeking everything in You, Jesus. I pray that we continue to step out in faith. Believing and trusting in You Father. A God that is unfailing. People will fail us, they have failed us time and time again. So much so, that we gave up on thinking there was something better out there for us. In whatever area of our lives we threw away. Glory to God!!! Jesus, Your Word says what the devil meant for evil, You will turn it around for his good. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Chains are breaking tonight Father!!! It’s time to let things go and learn a new way, a new life in You. We don’t want to cheat You out of being able to use us for Your glory, Jesus!!! We surrender all to You and pick up our cross to follow You. Thank You for Your Word that declares our new beginnings, our healing, our restoration, our salvation, our love, and Your works that You have started in us and will continue to til the day of Christ!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We worship Your sacrifice, Your glory, Your worthy!!! Stepping into a new day, we start over again. Your mercies are renewed everyday for us to begin a closer relationship with You. Give us the ability to understand how to get closer to You and to feed our spirit. So that it would spring rivers of living water. We believe in You, Jesus!!! We know who we are in You!!! We knows what You have done for us and this family!!! We owe You our lives. In Jesus Mighty name!!! We bless and love You, Lord. AMEN!!!