A Rose’s Fight

From when I was small, and thought I was insignificant.
A new perception came around, and changed my mission.

I could see nothing outside of me, and very little within.
A small whisper came about, and I felt I could win.

That even where I was, may have been under concrete.
My fight to find a way out, my fight inside of me.

My struggles always changed, and growing is a must.
My heart wanted more, in something that I could trust.

Why do I feel like I’m living as a ghost?
When the love I’ve felt, was solitude at most.

Could I bring myself to learn of a new way?
Could I hope in finding a lustrous day?

If I stayed inside and never surfaced.
I’d have made my bed and been utterly worthless.

The beauty seen within, needs to come out.
If I stay closed, I’ll be operating in doubt.

I know what’s inside of me!!!
I know what I have to see!!!

I have to allow myself to break, and be freed.
I need to learn how to cease, being a seed.

To be planted in something nourishing.
Longing for the One that’s cherishing.

Searching and looking,
needing to find a crack.
Breaking into the unknown
and never looking back.

Even when I get to the surface.
I’m struggling, am I worth it?

Could I be the rose that I was suppose to be?
Or will I wither before anyone could see?

I know that beauty is but a fraction away.
Things that close, disconnect the Doorway.

Will I miss out on the best things in life? Or stay a seed with everything left inside?

My purpose and my plan, was to be more, than what I am.
To not stay closed and never change, stuck in isolation with all the pain.

I won’t know what is to be, if I stayed inside, all wrapped up in me.

To be stuck in a frame without a purpose.
When I know there’s more, beneath the surface.

To be planted in something so deep.
That nothing could move, or even reach.

I’m standing where I thought I was tall.
And now realizing, that I truly am small.

Existence is a mear glimpse, into what we call the universe
There is an abundance to discover, if we seperate our curse.

What’s been done can never change.
So why stay paralyzed in a minuscule frame.

I didn’t choose, where I was placed.
I can choose, the path that I take.

To find the place, that was meant for me.
Embracing the transformation, that’s within a seed.

To be the rose, that stays in bloom.
Fighting for light, and standing on truth.

Today is the opportunity to start.
That moment, to turn around doubt.

To believe in something bigger than you.
To be planted indefinitely in something true.

To accept the things, I’ve had to weather.
Knowing that I’m stronger, cause it works together.

I wouldn’t appreciate the sun, without the rain.
Growing in darkness, and through the mundane.

My fight to stay open, is something real.
It’s a choice I make, to want to feel.

To have compassion, for all the walks of life.
Reaching out and comforting, killing the strife.

I’ll learn to be that rose that fights for rain.
Crawling through the cracks, and pushing through the frame

I won’t go back, to my shell.
I won’t hide, in my version of hell.

Accepting the color, within the lines.
Forcing room, for all those left behind.

To be admired, for all that is within.
Holding nothing back, and taking the win.