Prayer 3/25/20

Glorious and Gracious God of eternity!!! We come to You Lord with a heart of surrenderance today. We leave our will and accept Yours, Father. We thank You for keeping us from things we can see and things we can’t see. Glory, Father!!! God we thank You for being the God that overcame the world!!! Glory, Hallelujah!!! Father we come to You open and ready to hear Your Word in our hearts. We will not cheat You out of getting more from us today, God. We are Your children and we come into alignment, agreement, operation, purpose, unity, placement, and Oneness. We accept all of the callings, gifts, rewards, promises, and blessings You have for This House and This Family. Father God, we thank You for going before us to prepare a way. Father we thank You that You did not give us a spirit of fear or division. But a spirit of love, charity, and generosity. Jesus!!! God we thank You for seeing and knowing all things. That You, Yourself went before us to prepare a way in which we are to go. Father I pray that we unite in Your Word and not waiver from Your truth. That we are in Your hands and no one can snatch us from our Father’s Hand. Hallelujah!!! Thank You for being the Lamp into our feet and the Light unto our path. God we speak out today in truth and in faith. We accept Your will in our lives today. That we will not look to the world for answers that are only in You. Jesus, we keep our eyes fixed on You!!! We stand on Your Word!!! We put on the full amor of God!!! We will know the truth and the truth will set us free!!! Glory, Hallelujah!!! Father we thank You for being in us and us in You!!! That You, Jesus!!! Are our Vine!!! God we know that You have people that are connected to You, but not producing fruit. God This House and This Family will produce good fruit for You and Your Miraculous Glory!!! God Almighty!!! Father we thank You for being our Rock of Refuge to which we can always go!!! Thank You, Lord!!! God we thank You for being Immutable, Unchangeable, and the same yesterday, today, and forever. Lord Jesus!!! We will not put our trust in things and people that will fail us. We will put our trust in the Lord our God!!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! God we thank You for our life in You. We thank You for our placement. We thank You for what You are doing in, with, and through our lives for Your glory. We pray for Your children lost and found. God we speak life, light, love, and truth. Into the generations here and those to come. Lord I pray for unity to be present in our hearts today and in This House. That we come together where we can do more together; then we can seperate. God I speak against the spirit of fear and division that is tormenting the world today. We bind it up and cast it into outter darkness. We will not fear any evil, for You are with us. We will trust in a God that has defeated evil and given us the victory through our salvation!!! Glory to God!!! Nothing is impossible for our God!!! Nothing is to much or to vast for our God!!! We will not give the devil place, Father!!! God we thank You for keeping us from things we thought we wanted and providing us with what we needed. We thank You for helping us up when the world pushes us down. We thank You for never leaving or forsaking us. We thank You for giving us a new heart in You. Jesus!!! We thank You for Your Spirit of conviction that helps teach us and grow us. God we wash ourselves in Your blood today!!! We are not where we have been, we are not what we have done, and we are not what’s been done to us. We are blood bought children of the Most High God!!! Father we will speak to the very dry bones like Ezekiel and raise up an army of God!!! Glory, Hallelujah!!! We will speak out Your Word to Your children. And they will know the voice of their Shepard. Father we receive healing, restoration, deliverance, rejuvenation, good courage, faith, love, hope, mercy, and grace today. God we pray that we see all that you have for us to see. We thank You for divine appointments, divine connections, divine relationships, and divine destiny. We look to You for guidance, Father God!!! We look to You for the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ!!! We are able to do all things, through Christ who strengthens us!!! Praise be to God!!! Father we thank You for leading us by the still waters and for us being planted in You. We will not be moved, shaken, or uprooted!!! We stand firm and are planted in You, God. We thank You for the life we have that is everlasting!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! We bless and love This Family!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!