Prayer 4/2/20

Lord God Almighty!!! We thank You for another day we have breath to praise and worship You!!! Glory, Hallelujah!!! Lord, we invite You into every situation and circumstance today. We thank You for being our God that is Absolute and Immutable!!! Hallelujah!!! Our God that hasn’t changed, when the world did, our families did, and other people did. You are the God that is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!! Jesus!!! Father I pray that we stand in faith trusting You!!! We give You all the glory, honor, and praise forever. Thank You, Lord!!! Father we come into alignment, agreement, operation, purpose, unity, placement and Oneness. We accept all of the callings, gifts, rewards, promises, and blessings You have for This Family. That we be bold speak against the spirit of division  and the spirit of fear. God we know that we have to lean on Your understanding and not our own. We don’t look with our carnal eyes to see things within our spiritual realm. Glory to God!!! Father we thank You for being the Alpha and the Omega. You see the start and the finish. Hallelujah!!! You know everything we need and everything we will face in this life and the life to come. God, thank You for going before us to prepare a way. Thank You for being the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. It’s hard to see things ahead of us right now, God. But even when we can’t see, we will trust You!!! Even when we don’t know, we will trust You!!! Even when we are unable to effect the situations around us, we will still trust You!!! God we are Your hands and feet!!! Use us Father!!! Use us in such a way that we bring You all the glory, honor, and praise!!! God Almighty!!! Father we will reach all those that You have for This Family to reach to. We will be obedient and pleasing to You with every thought, deed, and action. God, we thank You for being the One that will never leave us or forsake us. Glory, Father!!! That You are more than anything we could ever want, need, or desire. We lack nothing in You, God!!! We are healed, delivered, whole, prosperous, and purposed. Thank You for the plans You have for us today, Father. Plans for good and not to harm us. Father we pray that we continue to be the branches in You that produce fruit. We know that we have to be pruned to be more for You. Thank You for being our Comforter during the pruning process. Thank You for holding us in Your hands today. God I thank You for giving us a sound mind and good understanding. God I thank You for the authority that You have placed inside of us. I thank You for the generations here and those to come. We speak life, light, love, and truth into them. Glory to God!!! Father we worship You today!!! We lift up our voices to worship You!!! The rocks will not cry out for us, Lord!!! We renew our minds in You today. We pick up our cross to follow You. We have not been given defeat. Through You Lord, we have the victory!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! God we thank You for our life that we celebrate in You. We thank You that Your love relentlessly pursued us. That You were not willing to give up on us. That You wouldn’t abandoned us when that’s all we knew. That You would be the One Worthy of our hearts!!! Jesus!!! Thank You for washing us in the blood of Jesus Christ!!! For making us a new creation in You!!! Hallelujah!!! We thank You for breaking generational curses that were passed down into us. We are a new lineage through Christ Jesus!!! We accept our new bloodline in You, God. We thank You for molding, shifting, and shaping us into The Body of Christ that we need to be. Thank You for our Holy Spirit that is our Helper. Thank You for being our Prince of Peace and gifting us rest in the storms of life. You are above all other things in our hearts, our lives, and this world. You are the One who we seek first, God!!! You have all the answers in You. Thank You for being so generous to Your children!!! We are blessed to be a blessing!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! We bless and love This Family!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!