Prayer 4/19/20

Gracious Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Thank You for our daily bread from Your Word!!! God we celebrate our lives in You today!!! We know that man can not live on bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Glory to God!!! Lord we turn to You in our time of need. God we surrender to You in our times of weakness. Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one gets to the Father without going through You!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You for being our Doorway!!! For being the way to transition from one frame into another. God we push our way towards You!!! We stop the fighting within ourselves and find rest and peace for our souls today. Hallelujah!!! God we thank You for allowing us to plan in our hearts, but You determine our steps. Father wash our hearts today. Clean the banks so that nothing is restricting Your flow within us. You are the Living Water within us, to which we will no longer thirst. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You for being an exponential God!!! For being an absolute, God!!! For being the God that stays the same today, yesterday, and forever!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You for having us in Your thoughts before the foundations of the Earth!!! Thank You for creating us in Your image!!! Thank You for breathing into us the breath of Life!!! God Almighty!!! Father I pray that we not take any moment we have for granted. I pray that we keep our eyes fixed on You and allow You to work out our ministry through You. God we know that You have called us to such a time as this. Where the evidence of who this world turns to, is real. God we are in the world, but not of it. We turn to You, Lord Jesus!!! We ask and invite You into every situation and circumstance we face today. We will not run where You have asked us to stay planted. We will not wither, where You have not given us a fear of heat. We will be green, cause we do have a fear of drought. We will always produce good fruit in our season. Glory, Father!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we rejoice today with You in a good work being started. Father thank You for continuing that work until the day of Jesus Christ!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we thank You for having a place for us. For being the Father to the orphaned. We turn to You in our times of reflection in isolation. Reveal Your truth in us today, God. Show us a vision for This House and This Family. Help us to be better today than yesterday. Thank You for keeping us from things seen and unseen. We only want to be pleasing to You with every thought, deed, and action. Grow us in Your Love, Grace, and Mercy!!! We accept all of the callings, gifts, rewards, promises, and blessings You have for This House and This Family. We come into alignment, agreement, operation, purpose, unity, placement, and Oneness. We will not cheat You out if having more from us today God. Father we repent for our sins today. For not trusting in Your plans. For thinking we could do it without You. For us holding on to things we need to let go. For us not have the proper order in our hearts, or in our lives, or in This House. For not trusting You enough to know that You have done all that You have said You have done. And if You have done it once, You’ll do it again!!! Hallelujah!!! God we repent for not accepting our path entirly and learning to help others from it. For holding back our testimonies and our tongues when You have called us to speak out the living breathing Word of God in us. We repent for our tongues that have lies on them. You Word says what comes out of a man’s mouth comes from his heart and defiles a man. Mercy!!! Father forgive us today as we turn back to You!!! As we come to ourselves, knowing that You alone our God and we serve You and Your children on this Earth. That we will speak life, light, love, and truth. Into the generations here and those to come. We are the salt and light of the Earth and we will go where You have called us to go. Father I pray for a fresh anointing to be upon us today. We has been chosen by You for a specific purpose in this life. We have instructions from You, to do Your will on this Earth and no others. God we thank You for being our Father!!! For being the Father that is helpful, compassionate, loving, correcting, knowledgeable, wise, consistent, unchanging, forgiving, healing, restoring, delivering, and all that we could ever want, need, or desire. It’s all found in You God. There is nothing good in us without You!!! God we ask that You remove any and all restrictions, bindings, or blockages from our hearts that have been keeping us from being closer to You. God we ask that our spiritual ears be opened today!!! Your Word declares that we know the voice of our Shepard!!! Father speak into our hearts today. Quite the thoughts and the commotion of life within us. Give us the peace from our Savior and our Prince of Peace!!! Jesus!!! Father take us in, where we can find rest in You. Where You are all that we need. All others must be casted down!!! No one or anything else can be exalted above You!!! Father forgive us when we have believed in anything other than You!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Father we ask that You continue to walk with us and help us to speak Your Word out to the world. For us to be Your hands and feet. Use us, Father!!! We are here as servants of the Most High God!!! Father I thank You for restoration that is happening in us right now!!! Father I thank You for healing in all areas of our mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit!!! God I thank You for our courage to challenge ourselves to learn a new way in You. For us to want to put it all where others have spoken failure into. Father I rebuke the spirit of failure, fear, division, doubt, abandonment, insignificance, depression, being unloved, and pride. God we wash ourselves in Your blood today!!! Thank You for making us white as snow!!! And that even when we backslide and fall down. You are Faithful to restore us back into position and show us how to be better today then yesterday. Glory, Hallelujah!!! Thank You for Your love, mercy, and grace!!! You are such a generous God and we give You all the glory, honor, and praise forevermore!!! We praise the Holiest of Holies, Jesus!!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! Holy us the Lamb!!! God our hearts will sing no other name, Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Father we bless and love You!!! We bless and love This Family!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!