The Weight of the Cross

God was carrying the cross. With flesh ripped off of His body!!! With blood running out of His veins and bleeding out. For what no other Man could endure!!! Any other man would have died before even getting to the point of carrying The Cross. The same cross that God tells “you” to pick up and carry!!! And as the Son of God is carrying The Cross He legs begin to give out and He is now pinned underneath what He once was able to carry. A “sign” of weakness!!! That is very different than being weak. He was showing a vulnerable side of Himself. Not for it to be confused with defeat or absolution. It was just a moment in time when He could feel the burden. When He knew what the weight of “it” felt like. Just because we get knocked down for a moment, it doesn’t mean we get to stay there. When God calls us to “rise up” and be more than what we “know” or can even “see”!!! How long will your cheek rest on the ground??? When God never meant for you to stay there. He made you the head and not the tail, above and not beneath!!! Yet we find comfort in the rest of defeat. We find silence with our ear on the ground. How long will you hold back your DESTINY??? If you were predestined for GREATNESS!!! What if Jesus didn’t have someone present to help Him up??? What if He had His Father pass the “bitter cup” that was His “purpose”. With weeping tears of blood from His eyes. What would have salvation meant to anyone??? It wouldn’t have been salvation. It would have been destitution. It would have been lacking. It wouldn’t have been PURPOSED at all!!! So I ask myself, why then did He have someone else help Him do what He was designed to do??? He didn’t get up on His own. He didn’t have the heavens open up and angels come and scoop Him up. It was a man in the crowd that came to help Him. Wither He knew Him, saw Him, heard Him, or just happened to be appointed to be there. He helped the Only Son of God rise up!!! Glory, Hallelujah!!! What if God is trying to use you to help someone else carry their cross??? What if He is just wanting you to not think twice??? Do you stop and think to yourself, what if they can they do it on their own??? Or do they REALLY NEED me??? God says that we should bare each other’s burdens in Love. So why do we do what was done in the Good Samaritan story and just walk over the ones that are of us, but not worth the time, energy, or patience??? He was half dead, robbed, naked, and bleeding. Yet his own people, people of his own kind, walked by him and didn’t think to look back at all!!! Why did it take an outsider or an outside PERCEPTION of someone to actually do something??? I have been the one who has been broken, beaten, robbed, naked, left for dead. To only be brought back into PURPOSE through God’s Light in me!!! When we can’t pick ourselves up??? Don’t think that God is done with you!!! Don’t think that the half that is dead, “dominates” the part that is still left ALIVE!!! JESUS!!! God’s Word says that He feels sympathy for the one that falls that have no one to pick them up. Because if two or more are there as a friend, then they can pick you up. How many people have you picked up lately??? How many are you trying to help??? If God sent you to help your brother or sister in Christ. Would you be the one to just walk by??? Would you just look and judge them for where they are??? Not knowing the story or what has been their life. Would that be you??? Expecting someone else to do what you choose not to do??? Why do we think that someone should do what God has called each and everyone one of us to do!!! ADVANCE MY KINGDOM FIRST!!! To show the GRACE of God through what He has done in your life!!! What He did for you!!! And declares you to do the same!!! Yet we walk over lives like split milk on the floor. Someone else can clean or pick it up. It’s not “my place” to do it. What if God is trying to show you “your placement”??? And that’s WHY you were there at that point in time!!! When you serve a God that is not limited in time!!! But created it!!! Glory to God!!! He is a God of divine appointments, divine connections, divine relationships, and divine destiny!!! Not a God of doubt, luck, chance, miatakes, coincidences, or randomness!!! AMEN!!! He is a God of timing, order, structure, purpose, placement, healing, deliverence, and salvation!!! Just ask yourself one question. Have you picked up anyone lately??? Have you made the choice to be use by God??? When He calls “you” to be His hands and feet!!! When He calls “you” out of the darkness into His marvelous light!!! When He calls you to GREATNESS through Him!!! Who answers the call??? Who will do what you didn’t do??? Stop thinking that God will use someone else. When He is calling “you” to do what He has asked you to do!!! For us to have compassion for one another!!! That we give with a cheerful heart!!! That we sacrificed as He has sacrificed for us!!! Sinners!!! Adulterers!!! Fornicators!!! Thieves!!! Liars!!! Manipulators!!! Murders!!! Yet God’s Word says, the way that you judge; God will also judge “you”!!! And what you have done under the least of these, you have also done it unto Him. There was none of us good or worthy to be in the presence of God. Not until the vail was torn!!! Not until the One that came before you to prepare. Made a way!!! If He called you to make a way for someone other than yourself. Would you make the decision to see life when your looking at death??? It was half and half. He was just as much on one side as the other. Trapped in a way, not knowing which one would get the victory. When God has said “you” have the VICTORY!!! It is “you”!!! Because when God created man, He looked and said it is not good that man was created to be alone. Or all one, within himself. That he needed a “helper”. Why have we gotten so lost, that we don’t even want to be found anymore??? We just want to live to die. And not live the life that God has called us to live. The life that is more abundant!!! We just settle for the cheek on the ground as rest. I speak today from all that is burning within me. God didn’t set you up to fail!!! That is not His plan. His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you. The only time you have to operate in, is now. Why if you still have breath in your lungs, are you not trying to speak life, light, love, truth and faith. Into the generations here and those that have yet to come!!! God has given you supernatural POWER through Him!!! He has given you the Gift of RELATIONSHIP!!! Use it to help others find there way up!!! God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED!!! Answer your call!!! AMEN!!!